Amazing Grace And Other States of Mind

Amazing Grace
By Odie Hawkins
[Cover photo by Zola Salena-Hawkins]Amazing-Grace

An enchanting intro to a collection of unforgettable characters – Elizabeth, “Queen of the Projects”; the girl “Billie” who sings like Lady Day; young Randolph who, to his family’s embarrassment, grows a second head for awhile; Dean Dale Jackson, talented writer, sculptor, auto mechanic, dedicated to the underbelly of a bottle; the Vernon family upwardly mobile but required by a will to grow cotton in their suburban backyard; and Marlene and James, who find happiness in an unexpected way, in marriage.

Re-Published:  1/2012,  Format:  Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W), Size: 5×8
ISBN:  978-1-45024-961-4,  Print Type:  B/W

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