Month: January 2017

Chicago Hustle

CHICAGO HUSTLE By Odie Hawkins [Cover photo by Zola Salena-Hawkins] There was no sharper con man on the streets of Chicago than Elijah Brookes. Women were his preferred prey— but no mark and no bankroll was safe when Elijah was on the prowl. Cool, beautiful Toni warned him, “Elijah, brothers be playin’ games so hard

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Amazing Grace And Other States of Mind

Amazing Grace By Odie Hawkins [Cover photo by Zola Salena-Hawkins] An enchanting intro to a collection of unforgettable characters – Elizabeth, “Queen of the Projects”; the girl “Billie” who sings like Lady Day; young Randolph who, to his family’s embarrassment, grows a second head for awhile; Dean Dale Jackson, talented writer, sculptor, auto mechanic, dedicated

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